The Numbers Don’t Lie.

Help us make the change for diversity in tech.

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

Senior leadership at companies around the country are making a bold commitment to fuel American innovation and economic growth by increasing the diversity of our technology workforce.

We resolve to take action to make the technology workforce at each of our companies fully representative of the American people, as soon as possible. We will treat this goal as a top management priority and business imperative, because tapping the full measure of talent from across the country is critical for the long-term success of both our individual companies and the nation as a whole.

The undersigned companies are committed to taking each of these three essential actions:

  • implement and publish company-specific goals to recruit, retain, and advance diverse technology talent, and operationalize concrete measures to create and sustain an inclusive culture;
  • annually publish data and progress metrics on the diversity of our technology workforce across functional areas and seniority levels;
  • invest in partnerships to build a diverse pipeline of technology talent to increase our ability to recognize, develop and support talent from all backgrounds.


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